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Top notch web experience experts.

Our Story

Web League Agency is the hub of high quality, cost-efficient, trustworthy, and result-driven web and eCommerce solutions for the clientele in a global range. We eye on ROI (Return On Investment) and that is the reason we craft websites that work for your business to bring your business the maximum return in the quickest time. In providing you the maximum ROI, Experience, Professionalism, and Skill are the three basic things we rely on.

Increased efficiency and viable benefits (to your business and end users) are two assured outcomes which you are going to enjoy with Intlum’s unique and creative web solutions. We take pride ourselves in developing websites with fluctuating complexities to some of the most internet-savvy and difficult clients across the globe.

We specialize in web design, web development, eCommerce development, web application development, software development on cloud, mobile app development, SEO services, digital marketing and much more. Our team is full of talented individuals from different fields such as web consultation, creative design, content writing, programming, and digital marketing. Our team knows how to bring results and that’s why we have been the first choice of our clients when it comes to web design company.

The web solutions provided by Intlum Technology are aesthetically shaped, feature-rich, functional, and immensely scalable which let those fit to the changes of your business and future improvements. We deal with each client individually and that doesn’t let us offer any fixed price. While Intlum is one of the most recognized web development companies in India at the moment, we had a long journey to reach this glory.


Our Goal

Boredom and inefficiency have become synonymous with some sites and the internet is laden with too many of them. Those so-called ‘websites’ never live up to their expectations: neither they satisfy the end users nor they retrieve any return to the website owner. At Web League Agency, our major goal is crafting web solutions which are equally alluring and functional on desktops and mobile devices. Web League Agency wants to beautify the web where every website created by us is the site of enjoyment for the users and the website owners get treasured clienteles.


web Designer & Developer on WordPress expert 

Providing Reliable Web Solutions.

Web League 8 summers have passed. Those two friends are still suffering from Entrepreneurial Craving Syndrome. Both of the entrepreneurs thought to take their productivity to the next level and Web League opened its arm for the digital marketing and mobile application with the belief in continuous inclination. From 2018 to 2020, the time has changed and so is Web League. But one thing remained the same: the intention of providing reliable web solutions.

Awards & Certificated

proficiency and expertise have brought us quite a few awards and accolades from internationally acclaimed organizations. But the awards we’ve got in form of our clients’ satisfaction and trust are the most viable recognition which we cherish. They hold our hands in achieving the success.

Our Strengths

Quality Deliverables

Quality is something we always aim at and provide for each project. Regardless of the project size, web league believes in delivering its best and that’s what we do every time a client comes for assistance.


he only thing that motivates us to be the best web development company in Kolkata is our passion for the job we do. Providing web solution is not our profession, it’s a passion that we and our employees have in common.

Client Centric Approach

Every business’s success depends a lot on its clients. That’s the reason we always put our clients ahead of anything including our profit. Our goal is to make them happy with our job and persuade them to get back to us whenever further web solutions are required.

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